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Connecting to Projector 2116 Vilas

2116 Vilas has a projector and an available VGA connection for other devices to connect to the room projector.

The instructor iMac is connected to the room projector via HDMI. To use the projector simply power on the projector using the remote in the room. The projector will seek out the active display connection.

When connecting a device to the VGA connection, connect your device to the available VGA cable and connected audio cable, and power on the projector. The projector should find your device’s connection.

Volume is controlled using the projector remote.



The projector has no display:

  1. Is the projector powered on?
  2. Are all cables properly connected?
    1. The instructor iMac should be connected via HDMI in the back of the iMac. The connection should look like the image below (click the image to enlarge).HDMI connection
    2. Other devices should be connected to the available VGA cable.
  3. Is the correct video source selected? Change the video source by pressing the Video button on the projector remote (see image of remote above). This will tell the projector to search for a video signal from your device.

Only the computer’s background image is displayed:

  1. Display mirroring needs to be turned on. On the instructor iMac click the display icon in the menubar and select Mirror Displays.Screen_Shot_2013-08-23_at_12.25.13_PM

No audio is coming from the projector:

  1. If using the instructor iMac you may need to select the correct audio source. Hold down the option key and click the volume icon on the menubar. Select Projector as the Output Device.Screen_Shot_2013-08-23_at_12.25.20_PM
  2. If using a device other than the instructor iMac ensure the audio cable is plugged in to your device’s headphone or audio out jack.
  3. Check the volume of the projector and your device. Adjust the volume of the projector using the remote (see image of remote above). When using the instructor iMac and the projector volume can only be adjusted on the projector.
Updated on October 4, 2016

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