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Device Management Enrollment

All SJMC devices need to be enrolled in the UW hosted mobile device management (MDM) service. This service, while hosted by DoIT, is fully managed by department IT. The MDM service allows department IT to manage devices, including enforcing policies, and installing necessary software. No monitoring of an individual’s data is done.

New computers are enrolled automatically, and information on that process is here.

Computers needing to be enrolled will received a notification like the one pictured below.

Users should click the notification, and will then be prompted to allow Device Enrollment.

Users must log in with there UW NetID and password.

After the profile is installed the user may need to click Approve…

You device is now enrolled. Shortly after enrollment a window will appear welcoming you to your “new” Mac. While the window states the process could take 30 minutes to complete, since your computer is already set up the window should only be in the way momentarily.

Updated on August 28, 2018

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