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Logging in to the SJMC website

The SJMC websites use the university’s authentication system. When you log in to one of our websites you will be redirected to login.wisc.edu where you will need to enter your NetID and password.

To log in to the SJMC website point your browser here: http://journalism.wisc.edu/wp-admin

After you log in with your NetID and password you will be sent to the WordPress admin page. Initially you will be only a “Subscriber”. Contact the webmaster to have your permissions updated.

After your permissions have been updated the left side menu should be updated with links allowing you to post to the website.

When you log in to a WordPress site you are always sent to https://journalism.wisc.edu/wp-admin. In order to add content to another site, eg. http://blog.journalism.wisc.edu, you will need to move to that website’s Dashboard. To do this move your mouse over “My Sites” at the top of your browser window and select the site you want to update. If the site you want to update is not listed contact webmaster to ensure your site permissions are set correctly.

Updated on July 14, 2015

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