Remotely Connecting to MCRC Resources

The first step in connecting to SJMC resources is to set up campus VPN. Instructions can be found here:

In order to connect to the MCRC Windows PC users must be given access to the SJMC VPN portal. Email to request access. After receiving confirmation that you have access follow the steps below.

Configure VPN Portal
Select the GlobalProtect application in your menubar/status bar and click the gear to get to settings.

In settings click the + button to add a new portal. Use the address You should have two portals now, for general campus VPN, and for SJMC resources.

To connect to the SJMC VPN portal select the portal from the dropdown in the GlobalProtect menu. Connecting to the SJMC VPN portal will allow you to access SJMC resources, but will not allow you to access campus wide resources that may require VPN connections. When not connecting to SJMC resources you should continue to use the portal.
Connect to Remote PC
After connecting to the SJMC VPN portal you can use the following applications to connect to remote Windows PCs. Connection information will be supplied when your access is approved.

Remote Desktop Connection included with Windows
Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 for macOS
Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS
Updated on May 4, 2020

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