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Adding a SJMC Printer to your computer

Printers are for the use of faculty, staff, and teaching assistants. Print usage is monitored and personal or inappropriate use is not allowed.

macOS Installation

Before installing the grad lounge, or any lab printer you must download and install the Apple HP Printer Drivers (link).
Before installing the office copier printer you must install its driver: UFRII_LT_LIPS_LX_Installer.pkg

After installing the drivers, download and install the package for the printers: SJMC-Printers-1.0.pkg

This installer will allow you to choose which printers to install. You will receive an error and the installation will fail if you do not install the drivers above first.

Windows 10 Installation

Lab and Grad Lounge Printers

Go to Printer & scanners in Settings

Click Add a printer or scanner

Windows will search for he printer, and after a few seconds you can click The printer I want isn’t listed. Click that.

Select Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hosstname, then click Next.

Use the following table to select the hostname for the printer you want to add:

Location Hostname Model
Grad Lounge (5055 Vilas) gradlounge-printer.journalism.wisc.edu HP LaserJet M605
2111 Vilas lab2111-printer.journalism.wisc.edu HP LaserJet M604
2112 Vilas lab2112-printer.journalism.wisc.edu HP LaserJet 4250
2116 Vilas lab2116-printer.journalism.wisc.edu HP LaserJet P3010
2120 Vilas lab2120-printer.journalism.wisc.edu
2122 Vilas lab2122-printer.journalism.wisc.edu HP LaserJet 4250

Use the chosen hostname in the Hostname or IP address field, and click Next.

You should see a process bar and the text Contacting printer…

If Windows cannot find the printer it is likely you are not on a campus network. You must be on campus for printing to work.

Windows should automatically detect and install the correct drivers for the printer you are installing, and then provide you with a printer name, which you can change if desired. Click Next, and make sure the printer is not shared. You are done.

Office Copier

You will need to download the correct driver for your Windows bit type. Most versions of Windows will be 32-bit, but 64-bit is becoming more common. To check your version hold the Windows Key + R, type msinfo32, and press return. In the System Information window the System Type entry will say x64-based PC if Windows is 64-bit, otherwise Windows is 32-bit.

64-bit Windows: UFRII_V30.00_Set-up_x64
32-bit Windows: UFRII_V30.00_Set-up

Setup Steps

Follow the images below to set up the copier. First, open the zip file you downloaded, then double click the file within to extract the driver files. From the new folder double click Setup.

Select Custom in Printer Setup, then click Next.

Install only the UFR II Printer Driver, then click Next.

Check the box next to the Canon iR-ADV C7260/7270 UFR II printer in the list, then click Next.

Click Add Port… to add a new printer port.

Select Standard TCP/IP Port, then click OK.

Click Next.

Enter, for the IP Address, then click Next.

Click Finish.

You can change the default printer name is you wish, then click Next.

Click Exit.

The printer is installed, but you need to make a couple settings changes. Go to Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners, click the copier, then click the Manage button.

Click Printer properties.

Make sure the Use Departmental ID Management box is NOT checked, then click OK.

Now click Printing preferences.

Set Color Mode to Black and White, and click OK.

You are done!

Updated on January 10, 2019

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