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Installing UW-Madison licensed software on UW SJMC Macs

SJMC faculty and staff have access to many applications licensed through the university. Getting this software to users is a challenge. Making sure the software stays up to date is more of a challenge. SJMC is now using an open source tool called Munki for software installation and updates on Macs.

Munki uses an application it calls Managed Software Center to distribute applications and software updates. The Munki software updater is located in /Applications/Managed Software Center. If the application is missing from your Macintosh contact Sterling for the installer.


To install new applications all is needed is to click install next to the application you want installed.

When Managed Software Center is run the application will first check for updates to programs it has information on. It will also check for updates from Apple for your computer. Any available updates will be shown to you in the Updates tab. Click the Update Now or Update All button to start installing the updates.

Munki will not install or keep up to date applications installed through the Apple App Store. Users should use a personal Apple ID for any App Store applications.

With Munki installed on your computer it will notify you of software updates once per day if any are available.

Updated on August 22, 2017

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