Troubleshooting Audio/Video Problems In Conferencing Software

Below are step by step items to check if audio and/or video are not working for you with Webex, Blackboard Collaborate, or any other video conferencing product. Follow these steps in order.

  1. If your computer has a physical switch to enable/disable the camera or microphone make sure it is turned on. Apple computers do not have this.
  2. Make sure your volume is turned up.
  3. (macOS only) Open System Preferences and navigate to Security & Privacy and click the Privacy tab. Under Camera and Microphone make sure your web browser, or the conferencing software you are using is enabled (the check box should be checked and Safari will not be in this list).
  4. (Google Chrome) Open Settings and navigate to Privacy and security. Under Site Settings look at Camera and Microphone. Make sure the site (, for BB Collaborate) is not listed under Block.
  5. (Safari) Open Preferences and click Websites. Check Camera and Microphone to make sure the site (, for BB Collaborate) is not set to Deny.
  6. In desktop applications or web applications make sure the correct camera and microphone are selected.

Updated on March 12, 2020

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